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“What is Life Insurance?”

Life Insurance is a long-term contract which covers you against financial losses in undesirable events such as illness, disability, or death.

“What is Unit Linking?”

Under unit-linking system, insurance companies utilize a certain percentage of premium to buy units in an investment fund. The units of a fund are just like shares of any company but carry no dividends as such. These funds are managed by the experts who utilize their profound knowledge of financial markets to reap the maximum investment benefit for our clients. Of course, the performance of the fund is subject to economic conditions of the market and thereby the unit price of any fund varies due to prevailing market scenario.

As the funds are judiciously managed by investment experts, normally the trend of unit prices on a longer term remains up-sloping. From the investment point of view, the growth and return attainable from the fund is usually favorable.

The element of investment is offered in Unit-linked Policies only.

“How is a conventional with-profit policy different from a unit-linked policy?”

The only type of savings policy sold to date in Pakistan has been the conventional with-profits policy. The disadvantages of this type of policy are that a client has no idea of how the company manages his money, how much profit has been made, how much of this profit the Life Company decides to distribute or what exactly are the management charges. In contrast a unit linked policy provides a fair and equitable distribution of profit and is transparent in the management of the policy.

The distinguishing feature of a unit linked contract is that the investment benefits are defined by the number of units credited to the policy holder at the date of payment.

“Does EFU Life Assurance Ltd provide Unit Linking Plans?”

Yes, EFU Life offers a range of unit-linking plans that provide value and long-term protection for your family. We have products dealing with the savings and protection needs of the female population, financial planning by grandparents for their grandchildren, child marriage and education plan, loan protection, retirement plans etc

“What are the advantages of investing in an EFU Life unit linked fund?”

  • A fair distribution of investment gains based on the individual?s share of the fund.
  • Known cash values: Unit prices are quoted on a regular basis in newspapers and on our official website,  www.efulife.com, which enables an investor to calculate the value of their investment at any time. In contrast the cash value of a with-profits Policy is dictated by the company’s actuary.
  • Units can be en-cashed as agreed in the Provision and Conditions of the policy.

“What plan should I buy?”

An insurance plan, that best suits you largely depends upon your insurance needs, age, income level, your health condition etc. In order to obtain the same, kindly let us know by filling out the ‘Request a Consultant’ form available on our website www.efulife.com and we would route our representative to provide you the required assistance. Our representative would utilize his/her profound expertise to identify a plan that fulfills your insurance needs.

Should you wish, you may also walk-in at any of our over 100 branches all over Pakistan. You can easily locate your nearby branch through Branch Locator.

” What benefits do these plans provide? “

  • In case of death/ disability/ illness, an agreed upon amount i-e Sum Assured is payable.
  • In case no claim has been lodged, a lump sum amount is paid at the time of maturity. For details about the amount payable at maturity applicable in your particular policy, kindly refer to the Provisions and Conditions provided to you along with your Policy Documents.

” If I buy a unit linked policy, how much cash value will it accumulate in future? “

The cash value of a policy is dependent upon the performance of the fund under which the investments are made. Since, the economic conditions of the country has a major influence on the performance of the fund therefore it is not possible to quote the exact amount of cash value your investment will accumulate in future.

However, an illustration of projected cash value could surely be provided. These projected values are based on certain growth assumptions and the actual value can be different from the projected value.

” How has been the performance of EFU Funds previously? “

A fund is managed on day-to-day basis by professional fund managers who change the mix of the assets in the light of economic conditions to achieve the objective of maximizing capital growth. For this reason the trend of unit prices in long-term remains up-sloping. You can take a look at the past trends through Performance Charts.

“Where are the funds managed by EFU Life usually invested in?”

A typical composite fund managed by the life company invests in:

  • Equity
  • Government Securities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Other Fixed Income Securities

“How do I contact EFU Life?”

We love to hear from our clients! We consider your feedback crucial in our continuous effort to improve our services.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for your queries, complaints, suggestions, or general feedback. You could contact us through the following means:

You could write to us at the Head Office on the following postal address:

    • Client Services Department
      EFU Life Assurance Ltd
      EFU Life House, Plot No.112, 8th East Street, Phase 1, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.
    • You could email us at csd@efulife.com which is a centralized email help desk located at Client
      Services Department.
    • You could fax us at +92-21-34537519 and +92-21-34537512
    • You could call at our Call Centre No. 111-EFU-111 (111-338-111) which has been designated specially for our esteemed clients. Our efficient and friendly Call Centre Agents will be glad to respond to your queries.

You can contact us through e-Services on our Website, once you have become our esteemed client. Click here for more information on e-Services.

Of course should you wish, you could visit us at the Head Office on the address mentioned above or walk into any of our branches located near you. You can easily locate your nearby branch through the Branch Locator.