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Last Updated on: Monday, 08 Apr 2024

Value Added

How EFU Life helps improve your health?

EFU Life is the only company in Pakistan with the resources to deliver an effective integrated health care programme that is sufficiently flexible to develop and grow as needs change.

Integrated healthcare

Integrated Health Care system that improves the quality of care while reducing / containing the cost.

EFU Life uses a state-of-the-art computerized system that enables us to track medical events, benchmark practice and analyze clinical practice in detail. All this activity is aimed at ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate care. If the patients need extensive treatment, EFU Life staff doctors will work closely with the hospital to ensure that the best approach to treatment is being arranged.

An integrated HealthCare system consists of the following main components.

Health Card

To provide that extra peace of mind, we will issue a personalized health card to each employee. In case of medical emergency, this card serves to identify you to a network hospital. It features your insurance coverage details, emergency phone numbers and family details.

24 Hours Medical Hotline

In case of a medical emergency, our team of doctors is accessible 24 hours a day through our medical hotlines. These doctors will guide and help you in seeking treatment and admission if needed in a network facility.

Call Center

The company has established a specialized Call Center that ensures timely response to all customer enquiries. The Call Center is available during office hours. Our dedicated and trained call center representative ensure that our valued customers are at complete ease and comfort by providing them the accurate information to all their enquiries.

Dedicated Customer Service Hotline

The company also has a dedicated customer service hotline, available after office hours, to cater to the needs of the customers.

Network Hospitals

EFU Life has developed close business relationships with a network of medical service providers. Today, the company enjoys strong professional association with a network of over 310 carefully selected hospitals spread throughout the country. These hospitals are accredited based upon the credentialing of their physicians /surgeons and favorable assessment of their facilities. In addition to better quality care, you get the following benefits:

Discount Centers

To add greater value to our services, EFU Life Assurance Ltd has entered into a contract with some reputable providers whereby our insured members can avail discounts on Out Patient Consultation and Investigations upon presenting their Health Cards (even where outpatient treatment is not covered under the policy).

Web portal

We provide a secure web based portal service* to our corporate clients. This facility enables our corporate customers to track the claim detail and status of their insured employees any time without needing to contact EFU Life Customer service representative.

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Value Added

EFU Life is the only company in Pakistan with the resources to deliver an effective ...

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