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See your capital appreciate!

Making a sound investment requires good judgment and foresight. As an investor, one of the most important questions you face is: what do you want your investments to achieve for you?
Most investors would like a combination of capital growth and, in an uncertain world, financial security. We believe that the ideal solution is the EFU Capital Growth Plan. By pooling your investments with a large number of people, the Capital Growth Plan allows you to benefit from death cover and investments across a wide range of equities together with a good spread of government securities and cash deposits. The pooled fund is managed by professional investment managers which gives the private investor access to investment expertise which they would otherwise not be able to afford.

EFU Capital Growth Plan provides the perfect combination of capital growth with the protection of life insurance.

Main features:

  • Single-premium whole of life plan
  • Participate in the returns of EFU Growth Funds
  • Expert investment management
  • 100% of your investment is used to buy units at the prevailing offer price
  • Access your savings when you need them
  • Built-in protection benefits