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We all know that our life is precious but in today’s world, we are exposed to unexpected events which can lead to financial distress to our families. In such events, you want your family to keep up the improved lifestyle with no worries. It is, therefore become vital to have easy access to a plan, which can stand with you in unanticipated circumstances.

Considering the need to have simple and quick plan, EFU Guaranteed Acceptance Plan is a high value unit linked life assurance plan which provides with a substantially higher unit allocation in the initial policy years leading to rapid accumulation of cash values. As the name of the plan suggest, it provides you guaranteed acceptance without any underwriting requirement, as it is non declinable in nature and available to all lives.

Main features:

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical test or health questionnaire.
  • It is a limited cover plan and provides year wise death benefit to the life assured, with 100% coverage starting from 3rd year and onward
  • The built-in additional rider of Accidental Death benefit will provide additional sum assured on accidental death of the life assured, to maintain a decent lifestyle.
  • High unit allocation structure and additional bonus unit allocation from 5th year and onward
  • Minimum annual Premium is Rs. 40,000 and the Maximum Annual Premium is Rs. 800,000.
  • Protection from inflationary impact through inflation protection benefit
  • To top up savings, extra funds can be invested in plan through Fund Acceleration Premium
  • Option of partial or fully withdrawal benefit at any time during the plan depending on your needs.