Vision, Mission and Values

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Our Vision is to make EFU Life one of the most respected and successful financial services organization in the world. Our strategy to achieve our vision is: build our core capabilities, serve our clients beyond their expectations, adhere to our core values and be a good corporate citizen.


We shall together build EFU Life into a dynamic and financially sound institution by:

  • Working together as a team
  • Continually improving our client service
  • Creating an empowered and self-fulfilling culture
  • Developing innovative products
  • Adopting leading technology


Character: Our Business principles for achieving exceptional success are a belief that our corporate conduct should based on uncompromising integrity, ethics and honesty.

Pride: We believe that people want to excel and that extraordinary result can be achieved, if given the right support and work climate.

Service: Our clients are the reason for being in business.

Commitment: We nurture and develop our people to be good human beings, work together as a team to achieve our organizational objectives and obligations, while at the same time fulfill their aspirations.


Embed a high performance culture that points the organization towards the common good and creates an intense passion for achievement at all levels.

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility is to contribute to the development of the civilized and prosperous and respected Pakistan in which all the people live in harmony. To fulfill our obligations, we shall act responsibly to make a difference by contributing to these activities that have the greatest visible impact on the betterment of the society with emphasis on education and health.