EFU Life Wins GBO Award 2022 for Best Domestic Life Insurance Company

EFU Life Assurance Limited, the leading life insurance provider in the country, has been awarded Best Domestic Life Insurer of the Year – Pakistan, at the Global Business Outlook (GBO) Awards 2022. As an industry leader, EFU Life is committed to innovation in its business processes and product offerings coupled with a strong technological capacity and effective use of digitalization.

This is the second consecutive year, EFU Life has been recognized by Global Business Outlook.

Speaking on the occasion, Taher G. Sachak, EFU Life’s CEO and Managing Director, said ‘as a Company, our vision is to bring as many households as possible in Pakistan under the insurance safety net by offering a comprehensive range of financial planning solutions that are affordable and suit every pocket’.

He also added ‘Whilst insurance has been slow to pick up on digitalization in Pakistan, EFU Life has been actively leveraging digital tools, engaging multiple market segments by offering micro, nano products through Commercial banks, Micro Finance Institutions, Branchless banks, Mobile Network Operators, and Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)’.

Awarded as the Best Domestic Life Insurer of the Year at the Global Business Outlook Awards, EFU Life has embarked on several campaigns to spread awareness about life insurance through mass media, rural activations and partnerships with multiple corporate entities.

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