EFU Star Performer

EFU Star Performer – November 2018

Muhammad Hammad Khan
Senior Business Manager

I have been associated with EFU Life since 2005 after the completion of my B.com. I attended my first BDM in 2012 and continued striving for attending the MDRT. The completion of this year marks the 6 consecutive years of qualifying for the MDRT which is a great achievement for me. I have also been granted the Falcon Club Membership. I am one of the founding members of Falcon Club and have been attending all meetings of Falcon Club since 2018. The rich platform provided by EFU Life has offered me various opportunities to travel international destinations I had always dreamt of.
I thank Allah Almighty for the success I got throughout every stage. Moreover, my clients, colleagues and friends have been of immense help too.
The key ingredient to my success is determination and sincerity in all assignments and dealings. Great emphasis is laid these by my organization.


My family is the biggest asset for me as they are the driving force of my career. My father, Mr. Younis butt Sahb and our NSD Mr. Mustafa are my mentors. Company overseas convention & Annual sales conference held abroad make me highly motivated.


Selling Life Insurance is different from selling anything else since it is one of the most expensive things people buy but can’t see. You are selling trust, you are selling promises.

Muhammad Hammad Khan
Senior Business Manager