EFU Star Performer

EFU Star Performer – Oct 2016

>>Muhammad Idress
CBM Larkana Branch




I joined EFU LIFE Assurance Ltd on 27th August, > > 2001 as a sales consultant. Before joining EFU Life Assurance I was working as a Labor in my village and earning a salary of Rs.3, > > 000/ per month. I used to travel daily from my village and perform job in the city. EFU Life Assurance Ltd. has changed my entire life style, > > the person who was only earning Rs. 3, > >000/ per month, > > now with the Grace of my Almighty ALLAH I am earning much more.

EFU Life has given me a new lifestyle. I started of my career as a Sales consultant, > > but now working as CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER. I am a MDRT MEMBER for past 7 years and a FALCON MEMBER.
I am thankful to my all senior friends, > > managers and all other staff members those have supported me in my long journey.



I am a workaholic & that’s the reason why my clients stay happy with me because I give them prompt service whenever they need it. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family.



My message is “Always work whole heartedly & with honesty, > > be positive & respect your seniors

Regards, > >
Muhammad Idress, > >
CBM Larkana Branch