EFU Star Performer

EFU Star Performer – September 2018

Ajeet Kumar
Chief Relationship Manager

My name is Ajeet Kumar and I did my Bachlors in Engineering from Nawab Shah in 1989 after which, I was on the lookout for a viable and sustainable employment opportunity. I started my career as a cloth merchant at Daharki and In 1995 I visited Ghotki for the expansion of our cloth business. Amidst my travel, I came across an employment insert that mentioned a vacancy at State Life Insurance Pakistan for sales representatives. I was eager to explore this career path and applied for the vacancy and was eventually selected. I availed this opportunity and joined State life insurance, where I was able to earn the title of ‘Top Sales Representative’ and was promoted to ‘Sales Officer’ with the first 3 months of my joining.
In 1996, while I was pretty happy with my job at State Life, I came across one of my friends who was then working for Engro Chemicals Daharki. He applauded my decision of joining the insurance industry and mentioned EFU Life as one of the leading insurance institutes. He narrated me an unfortunate incident where an employee at Engro succumbed to his injuries during an accident on the field but his claim was settled very promptly by EFU Life which proved to be of immense help to the deceased’s family.
I was very optimistic about joining an organization that is very prompt in addressing client claims and visited EFU Life. Back then, EFU Life was only operational in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. I demonstrated my interest in Joining EFU Life and I was offered a position instantly.
Life at EFU life has been full of adventures where I take pride in being a part of it. Since my joining in September 1996, I had qualified for BDM numerous times & achieved most of targets required for attending Overseas Conventions and MDRT.
Working for EFU Life has provided me an opportunity to travel world destinations till date. To name a few, I had travelled to countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Hong kong, Singapore, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, London United Kingdom, Canada, United arab Emirates , Australia , Azar baijan , United States Of America & many more. While working for this organization, I feel that there is no boundaries or limits. One performs to his fullest while EFU Life compensates to the next degree.

Ajeet Kumar
Chief Relationship Manager