Claim Services

Last Updated on: Tuesday, 19 Mar 2024

Claims Services

Hospital Claims

In case of an emergency if an insured member goes to a network hospital and after giving initial ...

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Reimbursement Claims

To avail inpatient hospitalization services, an insured can go to any hospital of his/her choice, ...

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List Of Excluded Hospitals

Here is the list of excluded hospital, kindly click on download button to view complete list.


How to File a Claim

A claim should be lodged with the following documents: ...

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Complaints / Grievance

In case you are not satisfied with the decision taken on your claim ...

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EFU Life Corporate Customer Portal

In case of any issue cutomer portal is there to help you ...


Online Claim Submission

Our claim settlement procedure is prompt and hassle-free. It is advisable to consult our Customer Services team.