Last Updated on: Tuesday, 07 May 2024


Health related Quality of life and well-being is the key element which will define outlook of healthy people by the year 2020. The world of today differs significantly from the world of yesteryears and the stress factors in today’s corporate world demand better understanding of health related initiatives that ensure healthy wellbeing.

The five key factors that are key to healthy life style, include:

Understanding the essential elements that shall re-define the outlook towards healthy wellbeing by year 2020, EFU Life Assurance – being a responsible health insurer with a futuristic approach, has taken the initiative of adding another value added feature to its product – Quality Connections.

Quality Connections shall bring under its umbrella all health related products, services, centers that offer quality services or products for healthcare. All centers selected under Quality Connections shall have a qualification criteria and the only criteria for qualification under this premier list of centers shall be Quality in services and Quality in products.

We, at EFU Life, are trying to bring centers, offering quality services or quality products that effect the five key factors stated above, positively and effectively.

Besides the above mentioned key elements for healthy lifestyle, essential elements for health like quality pharmaceutical supplies, quality diagnostics, quality dental services and other healthcare services, assessed as quality services, shall also be a part of Quality Connections.

EFU Life Assurance – the preferred insurer, has undertaken this initiative to set a new trend in Pakistan healthcare industry – demand for quality in healthcare.