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Savings that Safeguard Your Future

By saving more intelligently, you can achieve greater financial success. With the EFU Saving Plan, you can assist your employees in achieving their goal of a secure financial future with insurance coverage. This is an investment-linked insurance product that enables your employees to save a portion of their earnings as an investment while also providing insurance benefits. This blend of investment management and protection coverage is both exceptional and appealing because of its affordable premiums, larger allocations, and simple management.

Main features:

  • Participate in the high returns of EFU Income Growth Fund
  • Minimum basic premium as low as PKR 12,000 per annum.
  • Hedge against inflation through the Inflation Protection Benefit.
  • The supplementary riders of Accidental death benefits will provide additional sum assured during unexpected circumstances to maintain a decent lifestyle.
  • With a unique rider, Lifecare Enhanced Benefit with the coverage of 20 covered critical illnesses.