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Hope For the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Make smarter decisions towards your financial goals with greater flexibility and the choice of diversification to suit your protection needs.
Life throws unexpected turns at us which makes the fear of uncertainty a common concern. However, death is inevitable. You work hard and utilize everything in your capacity to protect the future of your children and future generation. You work towards finding ways to invest in places that would serve your family for the longest even in your absence.
Financial planning is an essential part of our life to get through every big and small trials.
EFU Security Plus Plan, a non-unit linked plan with the 03 different options to invest with a minimal premium. It helps you plan a safe future for your loved ones through its different variants offered. It is up to the policyholder, how they would like to choose their plan variant considering what they prioritize for their family while imagining themselves completely out of the picture. Priorities could be in the form of ensuring that the family’s expenses are met through salary continuation or the children’s tuition fee payment continues uninterrupted on a monthly basis through education continuation variant or a lump sum amount to protect the family generally from worst case scenarios.

Main features:

  • This plan is a non-unit linked plan which aims to provide the family of the policy holder with monetary protection in case the policy holder dies.
  • To cater a wider range of income levels, the policyholder will get three variants (Education continuation, salary continuation and lump sum protection variant) serving different needs of the policyholder.
  • The supplementary riders of Accidental death benefit/plus, family income benefit and waiver of premium benefit will provide additional sum assured during unexpected circumstances to maintain a decent lifestyle.
  • An option for joint life cases where the premium rate for joint life cases is twice as single male life premium.