EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – March 2020

         Tauqir Hussain Abdullah
Chief Business Manager
Karachi Merewether

Like most of the Insurance Sales Consultants, I did not plan to join this Industry. My uncle was in the General Insurance line and he convinced me to join the industry, which I did 21 years ago. For the first 5 years, my practice was mainly General and Corporate Health Insurances. One of my clients wanted life insurance and wanted me to be the one helping him with that. Because of his insistence, I went through the training and agency process and started my Financial Consultancy Portfolio with EFU Life Assurance.


I started my career with EFU Life in 2002. I did not actively, pursue Life Sales until 2004 when I qualified for Million Dollar Round Table (www.mdrt.org) for the first time and never looked back since then. I am a Life member (10 Consecutive years) and on the Honor Roll (15 Consecutive years) of MDRT. I would like to thank Husein Sachak for showing me what recognition feels like while seeing how lucrative this career can be. Rehan Anwer has continued with that and has been a great manager helping me become even more prosperous. EFU Life has made me a better sales person and definitely a more prosperous one. Today I manage a portfolio of over 400 Clients in Financial Consultancy.


I enjoy socializing which is a great help in my line of work. Travelling is something that I love and EFU Life has given me opportunities to see the world. To name a few Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Kenya, Turkey, Russia, Australia, USA and Canada are places that I have travelled with EFU Life.


My Parents, whose prayers have gotten me to where I am today and my Wife and Kids whose support has helped me give so much time to my work. Providing them with all the comforts of life has been my biggest motivator. I feel that every individual should be able to have a support structure in times of need and this is where my profession comes in play.


My Message would be not to come into our field by accident but by Choice. It is a fantastic thing that we do. We get to meet people from all walks of life and help them plan their future. This is not a job but a business. The more you put in the more reward you get. Two years of hard work gives you Twenty years of return in our line of work.
Tauqir Hussain Abdullah
Chief Business Manager
MDRT Qualifier
Karachi Merewether