EFU Life Recognized In PSX Top 25 Companies For The Year 2021

EFU Life Wins 8th International Environment, Health & Safety Award

Karachi: EFU Life Assurance Limited, leading private sector life insurance provider in Pakistan, has been recognized in the ‘Top 25 Companies for the Year 2021’. This is the third time that EFU Life has been conferred with this award. The Companies recognized have outperformed others in the spheres of corporate governance, financial performance and have added to shareholder value.

Every year, the Pakistan Stock Exchange announces the names of the twenty-five (25) leading, publicly traded companies based on specific quantitative criteria such as profitability ratios, liquidity ratio, turnover of shares and corporate governance, to name a few of the factors against which the companies are selected.

The objective of PSX Top 25 Companies Awards is not only to reward and recognize the listed companies meeting criteria of excellent performance, but also to set an example and benchmark for other listed companies to follow.

The PSX Top 25 Companies Awards is a touchstone for all companies to follow and achieve. The listed companies who win these awards are not only amongst the best performing companies in Pakistan but are also comparable to the best performing companies internationally.