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“What are EFU Life e-Services?

EFU Life e-Services offer a range of services that are available online.

How can I register for e-Services?

Registering with EFU Life e-Services is very simple and easy. In order to register successfully, all you would need to do is to enter the following mandatory information on e-Services registration form available on the website:

    • Policy Number
    • Date of Birth
    • E-mail
    • Cell Number
    • CNIC Number.

Kindly make sure that the information entered is already in our policy records. For successful registration, the entered details must match with those available with us.

If you are unable to register even after keying in the desired details then this would mean that the information entered by you is either not available, or does not match with those present in our records. In order to confirm the same, please call at our Client Services Call Centre number during office hours i.e., between 9am to 5pm and we would be happy to guide you through the process. The number is as follows:

111-EFU-111 (111-338-111)
We urge you to avail this free facility, as it provides a hassle-free medium via which you can obtain policy related information and initiate requests anytime, anywhere.

Do I have to pay any additional charges for these services?

At EFU Life, we value the convenience and satisfaction of our esteemed clients. Hence, e-Services are free of cost and does not require any additional charges from you.

What facilities do these services offer?

The salient features of the e-Services are as follows:

      • View Policy Details

You will have the facility to know your policy details such as renewal premium due date, the amount of
premium due, policy term, additional riders (if taken), nominee, your consultant’s contact information etc.

Update Policy Details

You can request for changes in the following:

        • Personal Details such as your Name, CNIC and Date of Birth;
        • Corresponding Details such as your Address, Contact Numbers and Email Address; and
        • Nominee Details such as you’re his / her Name, Date of Birth, Share Percentage etc

Premium Payment

You can now pay the premium of your policies through our Online Payment Facility. We are the first life insurance company in Pakistan to offer Online Renewal Premium Payment Facility via internet. You, therefore, will no longer be required to go through the hassle of visiting branch or TCS Services Centers for paying the premium, as the same can be done conveniently by sitting at the comfort of your home/ office.

Our e-services also provide you the easiness of paying your premium in advance, in case the renewal due date of your policy has not arrived and you wish to place your premium as a balance.

Moreover, if your policy has been lapsed for non-payment and you wish to pay the total premium due till date, you can easily do so through e-Services. Our e-Services let you know the total amount of premium accumulated till date and also lets you pay it online.

Contact a Consultant

You can ask an EFU Life Consultant to contact you in case you require any assistance regarding your policy. The Call Centre officers at the Client Services Department are also at your service in case you wish to contact the Head Office directly.

Initiate a Service Request

Should you wish to have details regarding your policy such as your Payment / Unit Details, you can initiate a service request via website. You can also apply for a duplicate receipt of your last payment in case the same has been lost or is otherwise unavailable.

View Status of a Request

After initiating a request via ‘Initiate a Service Request’ or applying for changes via ‘Update Policy Details’, you can also view the status of your applied request as ‘Completed’ or ‘Additional Requirements’, if any.

Post a Suggestion

You can post a suggestion that can further help us improve our services and meet your expectations.

What sort of additional requirements are usually needed to process a request?

Since an insurance contract has many legal aspects, therefore at times we usually require a documentary proof in order to finalize some of the requests such as a correction in Name, Date of Birth and NIC.

Similarly, an amendment in Nomination would also require a ‘Nomination Form’ duly filled and signed by you. The Nomination Form can easily be taken from the Downloads section.

How do I submit an additional requirement?

Once you have arranged for the additional requirements, please send them at the Head Office on the address mentioned below:

EFU Life House, Plot No.112, 8th East Street, Phase 1, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.

Or, you can also ask your Servicing Consultant who would assist you in submitting these requirements.

How would I know when my applied request has been finalized?

Once your request has been finalized, it will be informed to you in writing. The Amended Document would also be sent reflecting the changes made.