EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – December 2021

Irfan Madhani
Executive Senior Business Manager
Karachi Garden

I joined EFU Life in December 2010 and in this month of December on 20th I will be completing my 11th year. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Shehzad Pyarali who is currently the Zonal Manager of Karachi Garden Group, for introducing me to this amazing career. I completed my post-graduation studies from SZABIST, Karachi in the year 2011. As it is a well-known fact that no one joins insurance industry by choice but by chance. In my case it was a mix of both. At EFU Life one gets so much opportunity to accomplish and pull through. It is the leadership who leads the institution from the front and at EFU Life I have witnessed the same who give everyone same treatment like a parent where they love & care and give lessons of equity like a mother and encourage motivation, independence and competition like a father. Taking advantage of this opportunity I would also like to thank my family who is always there to support me when and where needed.


The message of Life Insurance is so strong that I can never stop talking and sharing it with people. I also got an opportunity of becoming the Country Chair of Pakistan (2019-2021) at MDRT through EFU Life, which is the premier association of the financial professionals. That kept me motivated to aspire more professionally. Meeting new people is something which keeps me motivated and to stay strong & fresh and feel brand new every morning, like a daisy!


My hobbies include reading, service to humanity and traveling. According to me, they make you learn so much about you in every step of one’s life as the only constant in this life is CHANGE – meaning you adjust according to the need of time and changing situations while keeping a positive mental attitude.


It was my first Annual Sales Conference at EFU Life where I heard respected Saifuddin Zoomkawala Sir, our Chairman saying that when one prospers, one should raise their standard and have good lifestyle, but it should come with humbleness. I tied these words as a knot in my life. So my message for everyone will be same that the standards of the humbleness should also elevate with your standard of living. Secondly, keep working, keep practicing and keep persuading your goals, never lose hope, learn from your mistakes, convert them into opportunities, remember it took four years of practice for Usain Bolt to make the record of 9 seconds in the 100 meter race and become the greatest sprinter of all time.

With Thanks and warm regards,
Irfan Madhani – Falcon and Diamond club Member at EFU Life
Executive Senior Business Manager,
Karachi – Garden Branch.