EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – December 2023

Muhammad Shahbaz Iqbal
Chief Relationship Manager
Lahore Fort Branch

I joined EFU Life in 1999 as Sales Consultant, started from direct marketing I achieved five times CRM. It’s the Company’s last designation in Sales and 21 Times Qualified as a MDRT, COT and Top of the Table. I have received upgrades for new Company cars five times.

I am the Pioneer Falcon member, Eagle and Diamond Club Qualifier.
I achieved the status of Top Consultant in the Company in 2011 through my work in direct marketing.


My primary motivation stems from ensuring the well-being of my family, my father’s family, and the satisfaction of my clients.
Alhamdulillah, I have improved my standard of living since birth, thanks to the support of EFU Life.
My mother’s satisfaction and prayers are source of energy for me.

MY Hobbies

Exploring various venues around the world through travel.
Meeting new people and converting them into my clients.


People unfortunately don’t recognize their potential identity.
Nothing can hold you back. I achieved everything without gaining a single client from my family initially. You must spend enough money on your family to make them Happy and feel Special.
It’s equally important to spend on your friends and deserving families, as well as colleagues. A special amount should also be spent on clients because they are our source of income.”

Muhammad Shahbaz Iqbal
Chief Relationship Manager (CRM) | Lahore Fort Branch.