EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – January 2019

Sham Kumar Nagdev
Sales Consultant

My Name is Sham Kumar and I am a proud part of EFU Life. I had completed my graduation in 2003 and then started running my own medical store. Despite a stable occupation, I was not very pleased and satisfied and was motivated by my childhood friend Mr. Kantesh Kumar to join EFU Life. Initially, the distance to success seemed quite far but the supportive culture promoted within EFU Life helped me shorten the distance very soon. I consider myself lucky to have a supervisor like Mr. Jagdeesh Kumar who had managed my progress at every step.

In the first year of my joining I Achieved BDM and later EBDM and also attended the annual conference in Bangkok.


I am a very People’s person who is always on the quest to make new friends who share similar interests and hobbies.
Hence, I have too many friends from diverse professions and it is exciting to see them place trust in you ever and befriend you once you prove to be a reliable and dependable relationship manager. With this interaction and so much dealing, I feel that life insurance is a must for people in all professions.

Today I am proud of being financial Consultant of my clients.
Other than this, I am fond of watching motivational movies, updating myself on current affairs and devoting myself to community service


I am marveled by the leadership qualities of Taher.G.sachak Sb, Mustafa Hussain Sb & Shahjahan Sb.


Although we all have Joined EFU Life incidentally but luckily, we have all landed at the right place. Here one can earn the best income, learn from the best culture, boost oneself from the best motivations from the managers who stand by you in the mission to help you succeed.

Sham Kumar Nagdev
Sales Consultant
Karachi Galaxy