EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – January 2020

         Haroon Iftikhar
Executive Business Development Manager
Lahore Civic

“In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful”
Asalam o Aliekum,
I had graduated with my MBA in Marketing from Peshawar. Before Joining EFU Life Assurance Ltd. I had worked in several different financial organizations (Banking and Finance) at Peshawar.
In 2011, while giving a presentation to Mr. Atif Dildar Khan (currently serving as AGM North in another Life Insurance Company), I was able to impress him with my skills to an extent that he had offered me a position in his team. Till date, I regard him for introducing me to the life insurance sector, after which I followed his footsteps and in a very short span of time (less than 2 years) I was able to achieve Million Rupee Club membership (3 times in a row).
Then in 2014, I moved to Lahore and joined EFU LIFE ASSURANCE LTD. under the leadership of Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Khan (Zonal Manager) as a Sales Consultant. Since 2015, I had qualified for the position of Business Development Manager, consecutively attended 5 MDRTs and two Falcon Memberships.
During my five year association with EFU Life Assurance Ltd., I had learnt a lot from Mr. Mustafa Hussain Oownwala (our NSD), Mr. Muhammad Younis Butt (our ANSD), Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Khan (ZM) and Mr. Mahmood Ahmed (Sr. BM)


Though I am rarely able to spare some time from my routine work, but whenever I do, I indulge in outdoor sport, explore new places, travel & shop. I love to devote my time for my future.


I derive my inspiration from my honorable bosses Mr. Muhammad Amjad and Mr. Zahid Ali Raza.
Both have been very supportive throughout my career and have contributed to my professional development at every stage.
I look up to the higher management as a source of motivation and thank our CEO Mr. Taher G Sachak and our NSD Mr. Mustafa Hussain Oonwala for leading us.“Desire to be the best”
Motivation is a fire that originates from within. If someone else tries to light that fire for you then it will not shine that bright rather light it up yourself to create an impact. I take pride in my work and sense of accomplishment drives me across limits


Winners from all areas of life devise and follow their own strategies, but all of them have one thing in common – they TRY! So keep trying till you win.

Haroon Iftikhar
Executive Business Development Manager
Lahore Civic