EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – July 2021

Rina Ghanshamdas
Chief Business Manager (CBM)
Hyderabad Cantt

My name is Rina Ghanshamdas, I have done my Master’s in Information Technology from University of Sindh, Jamshoro. I like to explore nature and travel different places.


Mostly, Sales Consultants join Life Insurance industry by chance and not by choice but this wasn’t the case with me as I have joined EFU Life by my own choice. I belong to Jamshoro City, I started my career with EFU Life in June, 2003 as a Sales Consultant at Hyderabad City Branch. I am grateful to my seniors who exposed me to this opportunity. I qualified for the 1st time as a BDM in 2006 and attended my 1st Annual Sales Conference in PC Bhurbhan. Currently, I am working as a Chief Business Manager.
My 1st MDRT qualification was in 2006 and I am a Lifetime Member of MDRT USA because of my outstanding performance and long-lasting contribution. I also achieved the Member of Communication Committee (MCC) in 2014-2015. I have also attended many MDRT conferences in USA, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand. I have also qualified for all overseas conventions given by EFU LIFE.
I am a Falcon Member since last six years.


Rewards and Recognitions are always the biggest motivation, but the vision & leadership of our higher management, Honorable Mr. Taher G. Sachak (CEO & MD), respected Mr. Mustafa Hussain (NSD) have further inspired me to keep moving forward with great enthusiasm and professionalism.


Respect and trust your seniors. Believe in yourself, company and its products, maintain time punctuality and always try to meet maximum new people every day and provide them the best possible service. I would also advice to maintain good relationships with them for long term as it will help in your career progression and growth.
Rina Ghanshamdas
Chief Business Manager
Hyderabad Cantt.