EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – June 2022

Muhammad Shahbaz Iqbal
Chief Relationship Manager (CRM)
Lahore Fort

I joined EFU Life in February 1999, upon being introduced to Mr. Moazzam Bashir Kamal sb by one of my classmate Azam Bashir Kamal. I was inclined towards joining the armed forces but after learning about the services EFU Life is providing, I realized that our nation needs these services more. I also figured out that apart from providing service to the masses, it also offered an unbelievable career for me. My father (Late) Malik Muhammad Iqbal Awan also supported my decision to pursue this career.


I am very fond of making and establishing new contacts in the society. I’m always ambitious for achieving new things in life.


High income, rewards and recognition are always the biggest motivation. But the vision and leadership of our higher management led by Mr. Tahir G Sachak and Mustafa Hussain Ali sb have further boosted my spirits. Building my own luxurious house, driving company-maintained and personal Honda cars, travelling internationally and providing good education for my kids was made possible with the help of EFU Life. I am lifetime member of MDRT and qualified 5 times Court of Table (COT) and 1 time Top of Table (TOT). I am also privileged to be TOP CONSULTANT of the company in 2011.


I am a very social person by nature and very fond of making new friends and establishing contacts in the society. I also like to help people in times of need. I also wanted to explore different areas through traveling. At EFU Life I came to know about the opportunities I have for travelling locally and internationally. Now by the grace of Allah Almighty, I have traveled about 30 destinations across the globe.


Trust the seniors, respect them and work very hard to create the need of life insurance. You will find miracles happening in your life. Try to meet maximum new people, provide them with the best services and maintain good relationships with them.

With Thanks and warm regards,
Muhammad Shahbaz Iqbal
Chief Relationship Manager (CRM)