EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – June 2021

         Syed Muhammad Mustafa Iqbal
Senior Business Manager (SRBM)
Hyderabad Galaxy

After successfully completing the course of Dars e Nizami, Alim & Mufti (الشھاةالعالمیہ فی العلوم العربیہ والاسلامیہ) & Master of Business Administration (MBA, Finance) I started my professional career with EFU Life as a Sales Consultant on 16th June 2015, upon being introduced by Ms. Aasma Qasim (Branch Manager). She made me realize that EFU Life is the best

Financial Institution where I can achieve my goals if I work with hard and dedication.
Following her advice and working hard with passion over the years, I was qualified for the position of Business Development Manager & Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Membership consecutively since the last 6 years and was also recognized as a Falcon Club Member of EFU Life from 4 years.
Currently, I am working as a Senior Business Manager.

All of this would not have been possible without the blessings of Almighty Allah and the support I got from my family & seniors.


I am two times Position Holder in all over the Pakistan in the speech competition, So I am Religious Scholar & Motivational Speaker for more than 20 Years.

My hobbies are Reading & Writing Books, Speech, Vlogging, Shopping and Travelling around the world.


I derive my inspiration from my honorable seniors, Mr. Bhesham Kumar (Regional Manager) & Ms. Durdana Khan (Zonal Manager). They both have been very supportive throughout my career and have contributed to my professional development at every stage.

I have achieved respect, reward, recognition, satisfaction & suitable earning which can fulfill my family’s financial needs & luxury lifestyle.


The greatest tool to succeed in this profession is to ‘Believe’ in yourself. Always stay positive, trust on your seniors, respect them and work hard.

You will find miracles happening in your life!

Syed Muhammad Mustafa Iqbal
Senior Business Manager (SRBM)
Hyderabad Galaxy