EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – March 2021

Usman Yousaf
Senior Business Manager (SRBM)

In December 2009, When I joined EFU Life, I was under the impression that Insurance Industry is one of the toughest Industry’s to work but my mentor Mr. Moazzam Bashir Kamal showed me the way and guided me through out for which I am thankful to him. I started my career as a Sales Consultant and got promoted quickly and by 2015 I achieved my desired target and became the BDM (Business Development Manager).

I feel honored and blessed to have the privilege of attending my first overseas Annual Sales Conference in Malaysia. It was an experience that has kept me motivated and enabled me to qualify for an international overseas conference. I feel proud to be a part of EFU life!


A research maniac and a lover of books made me what I am today!
Sailing through life, adventure has played a vital impact in my life. I have selected Travelling as my second interest only because travelling involves everything, adventure, fun, excitement, and a lot more.


I credit all my achievements, to my family, my clients, and my seniors specially Mr. Moazzam Bashir Kamal who played a vital role in my success. I have always been motivated by the desire to meet deadlines. Setting and reaching deadlines gives me a sense of accomplishment.
I love creating an organized schedule for completing a task and achieving my goals in time.


The key attribute that qualifies me for the role of an Insurance agent are my interpersonal communication skills and my ability to analyze the client’s responsibilities and their assets. This enables me to put together a policy recommendation for the clients.
The best Insurance agent knows that his work is not only about the policies he is trying to sell but it’s about people and relationship.
I don’t call it ‘Life insurance’ I call it ‘Love Insurance’ – we buy it because we want to leave a legacy for those we love.

Usman Yousaf
Senior Business Manager (SRBM)
Lahore Fort