EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – May 2024

Farukh Khan Ghauri
Chief Business Manager
Falcon Club Member

I began my career in 1999 at my uncle’s firm, specializing in Income Tax & Sales Tax. I then transitioned to M/s Moosa & Co, a Chartered Accountant Firm, where I worked as an Auditor.
In December 2004, I joined EFU Life at the Hyderabad New City Branch, and have since continued my professional journey with EFU Life Assurance. Under the leadership and guidance of Mustafa Hussain Ali Sb, my Regional Manager at the time, who I consider my leader, mentor, and a compassionate individual, I’ve learned invaluable lessons throughout my successful career.


I hold a postgraduate degree in Marketing, an MBA. Since 2012, I’ve been a proud MDRT Life Member, achieving MDRT Membership consecutively for 12 years. I’ve attended two MDRT meetings in the USA. Additionally, I’ve qualified four times as a Falcon Club Member. Together with my spouse, I’ve attended five Overseas Conventions, and individually, I’ve attended seven. I have also been managing a company-maintained car since 2012.


My Motivation is my dream, visible even with my eyes open. I aim to achieve big things for my family. My mother’s advice sticks with me: never give up. Despite life’s hurdles, I keep going. I believe that with persistence, I’ll reach my dreams. Her words remind me to never lose hope.


I love travelling to new destinations around the globe. I like to spend time with my family and I enjoy swimming and going to Gym as well as browsing different social media apps.


My message to all is ‘may Allah (SWT) grants us good health, everyone has the ability to become an extraordinary person. It is a fact that honesty, hard work, parental prayers, and consistency are the pillars behind a successful individual.

Farukh Khan Ghauri
Chief Business Manager
MDRT Life Member
Falcon Club Member