EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – September 2023

Business Development Manager (BDM)
Hyderabad Galaxy

I’m Saba, originally from Matli, a small town in District Badin. I have completed my graduation.


After completing my graduation, I left Matli with hopes of achieving success. The same question that lingered in the minds of my family and relatives also occupied my thoughts: How would I achieve success? I embarked on a journey, spending four months here, six months there, searching for success everywhere.

Eventually, I became a part of the EFU family. After a short period of working here, I came to realize that this is the vast ocean where my thirst for success could finally be quenched. I had tried my hand in various places, but the key factor here is leadership. Madam Durdana and Asma Qasim instilled in me a level of self-confidence I had never imagined possible.

As I learned more about the Company’s products, I discovered that they are a form of service to God’s creatures. With this realization, I made a commitment to deliver this service from house to house, street to street, and city to city. Although I encountered numerous challenges along the way, I have profound respect for the Company’s senior management, who have consistently upheld my morale.


Difficulties and hard work are important ingredients in the path to success because they give you focus and discipline to progress. Difficulties represent obstacles in the way of achieving your goals, while hard work increases your energies and skills.

Just as a mother raises her child with love and prayers, the leadership at EFU elevated me from the ground to the skies.

Alhamdulillah, Today I have a Company maintained car, being a member of the MDRT, I visited many conferences not only in major cities of Pakistan but also abroad. My message to you is that patience is very important for success. Try hard, work hard, and no hardship lasts forever. Always focus on your goal and be crazy to get it.


Operate quietly as your accomplishments resonate loudly! Last but not the least, I wish you continue on the path of success and achieve your goal. Wishing you the utmost success!

Business Development Manager (BDM) | Hyderabad Galaxy Branch.