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Achieving the targets... showing utmost commitment desire for improving every second and going beyond expectations is what makes a star performer.

It is because of these star performers that companies all over the world have achieved so much and grown into huge enterprises. It is their commitment and dedication that pushes that company to the path of success. Therefore, we at EFU Life make sure that we properly identify the star performer and encourage the efforts of our sales personnel.


Shakeel Ahmed Sheikh
Chief Business Manager (CBM)

I belong to Bahawalpur, Punjab. I joined EFU Life in Feb 2000. I accepted the offer with an open heart and started working with enthusiasm. I moved to Karachi in 2004 and I feel honored to be a part of EFU Life family till date.


My favorite hobbies are making new friends, travelling and exploring beautiful places.
I have traveled more than 30 countries across the globe.


Rewards and recognition are my biggest motivation but the vision and leadership of our higher management led by Mr.Tahir G Sachak and Mr.Mustafa Hussain and Mr.Shah Jahan have boosted my spirits even further. To be able work and contribute for towards the betterment of someone’s life with EFU Life and continue serving humanity.

To be a Star Performer throughout the year is my biggest aim and motivation.


Join hands with EFU LIFE and serve humanity. EFU Life is a source of happiness for widows, orphan’s, and specially bedridden disabled persons. You should help every person you meet in life by providing them the best services of EFU Life Assurance Ltd.

It is the best gift you can give to anyone specially during the critical covid-19 times.

Shakeel Ahmed Sheikh
Chief Business Manager (CBM)
Karachi Gulshan

Life-Time MDRT Member
Falcon Member since 2012