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Achieving the targets... showing utmost commitment desire for improving every second and going beyond expectations is what makes a star performer.

It is because of these star performers that companies all over the world have achieved so much and grown into huge enterprises. It is their commitment and dedication that pushes that company to the path of success. Therefore, we at EFU Life make sure that we properly identify the star performer and encourage the efforts of our sales personnel.


Abdul Mannan
Senior Sales Consultant

I had joined EFU Life on Dec 2017. Prior to this, I was serving the position of Vice President at National Bank of Pakistan and heading their IT operations in AJK and some parts of Punjab for the last 35 years.

During my job I also completed my MBA, DAIBP and different IBM IT Certifications. Before joining EFU Life Assurance Limited, I had thoroughly observed NAFA fund of National Bank of Pakistan and the scope of different insurance companies. I concluded that EFU Life is the best platform for career building. Whenever I had approached clients on behalf of EFU Life, I had observed that our products are very attractive and beneficial and keen interest was shown by clients.

Till date, I have achieved a business of more than 10 million and I am targeting to achieve 12 million (making me eligible for Diamond Club) by the end of the year 2018.


I am a social and helpful individual and always available for those who seek my assistance. I have been successful in maintaining a decent mix between work and family time.


Always be loyal and honest with your clients and company.
Stay motivated and believe in yourself. Confidence indeed puts a spring in one’s step

Abdul Mannan
Senior Sales Consultant