EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – February 2020

         Raheel Pirzada
Executive Business Development Manager
Lahore Gulberg Branch

I had completed my graduation from Punjab University in 2000 and soon after, I started my career in banking sector. However, I was a bit concerned about my career growth and the earnings, hence I made a switch to the Life Insurance industry and joined EFU Life since on 08 March 2010.

EFU Life is the company which provides a bright and long term career growth. I learned so immediately upon joining. I am working now as Falcon member in EFU Life since the past two years. It is a special and recognized designation for those who want to conquer milestones.

I have also qualified for an International recognition i.e. “MDRT” for last three years with EFU Life.

I love to explore places on the world which is why I travel a lot.


I got my inspiration from my honorable bosses Mr. Zahid Ali Raza and Mr. Syed Mehdi Raza Zaidi who have been supporting throughout my career and have vitally contributed to my professional development at every stage.

I am thankful to EFU Life’s higher management, particularly our CEO Mr. Tahar G Sachak and our NSD Mr. Mustafa Hussain Oonwala for leading us.


Be honest and sincere in every step of life. Work hard be positive about everything and enjoy life.

Raheel Pirzada
Executive Business Development Manager
Falcon Member
Lahore Gulberg Branch