EFU Star Performer

Star Performer – February 2022

Usman Yousaf
Senior Business Manager (SRBM)
Lahore Fort

With the grace of almighty Allah, I am proud to introduce myself as a successful life insurance consultant.
12 years back in 2009, when I was interviewed by Mr. Naseem Chaudhary (our previous National Sales Director) I didn’t knew how prosperous and successful my professional career would be with EFU LIFE.
Under the supervision of Mr. Moazzam Bashir Kamal I started my career in 2015 as a ‘Sales Consultant’ and since then I have successfully achieved business targets of Business Development Manager 7 times, MDRT USA (Million Dollar Round Table) Membership 6 Times and EFU Life Falcon Membership 2 times. Achieving these milestones have helped me grow and I am currently working as a Senior Business Manager.
Also, I feel honored and blessed to have the privilege of attending EFU LIFE overseas Annual Sales Conference held in Malaysia (2017) and in Dubai (2019) along with attending the MDRT Global Conference in Thailand during 2018.
My quick progress and hard work helped me to qualify the Overseas Conventions of Malaysia (2019), Dubai (2020), Turkey (2021) and Thailand (2022).
Alhamd-ul-lillah 2021 was my career‘s best year at EFU Life in which I Won star of the Company for the 1st time, got upgraded Company maintained brand New Suzuki Cultus Car and an unforgettable overseas Convention Of Lebanon with my spouse. Moreover, I also submitted Annual Business of 11 million Rs. in a Calendar Year.
Being associated with this esteemed local and overseas conferences empowered me to qualify for the 2nd time for the Company’s top business producer’s club – ‘Falcon Club Membership’ and provided me an opportunity to attend Falcon Strategy Meeting In Antalya (Turkey) and Jordan.
I feel very proud and blessed to be a part of EFU Life.


I credit all my achievements, to my family who supported through the years, my clients for their trust on me, my Company, and my seniors specially Mr. Moazzam Bashir Kamal who made considerable success in my work and of course to my mentors who are Legends of the Life Insurance Industry in Pakistan Mr. Taher G. Sachak (Chairman – Chief Executive Officer) and Mr. Mustafa Hussain Ali (National Sales Director).


Being a research maniac and a lover of books, made me what I am today.
Sailing through life, adventure has played a vital impact in my life. I have selected Travelling as my second interest only because travelling involves everything – adventure, fun, excitement and a lot more.


Life Insurance is a Service to humanity. Join our hands to Help People!

With Thanks and warm regards,
Usman Yousaf
Senior Business Manager (SRBM),
Lahore Fort Branch.